About – Bill Johnson Ministries

If you make history with God, He will make history through you.

“God has called us into a place of tenderness, when nobody is looking, when there are no great decisions to make, when it’s just Him and me, with no one to pray for, no one to preach to. That’s where you learn His heartbeat. That’s where you learn the Presence. When it is just you and Him.”


Bill and his late wife, Beni, have three children and eleven grandchildren. Eric and his wife, Candace, are lead pastors of STUDIO, Greenville SC. Brian and his wife, Jenn, lead Bethel Music. Leah is involved in Bethel Music, and her husband, Gabe, oversees the second-year class of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.


Bill is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He has been pastor of Bethel Church since 1996 with a one-word mission statement: revival. Bill’s priority in life has been to learn how to host the Presence of God and minister to Him.


Bill is passionate about seeing the kingdom of heaven invade earth across all spheres of influence. The wisdom of God is to be displayed through the church, government, education and the arts. Bill travels extensively to share what he has learned through his experience, with the conviction that the only way to increase what has been given is to give it away.