The Coming Glorius Church – Unity of the Faith

The Coming Glorius Church – Unity of the Faith

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…. Love and Faith are the two essentials of Christian life.

The unity of the faith is the faith that works through love is mentioned in Galatians 5:6. Love and faith are the two essentials of the Christian life.

Faith comes from the Word, specifically, “a Word freshly spoken.” Faith is what pleases God. It is active trust in Him as Abba Father. He alone is the source of such faith. It comes as the result of Him speaking to His people. Unity of the faith means we will hear His voice together, and demonstrate great exploits. The exploits of the present and coming revival will surpass all the accomplishments of the church in all history combined.

The church will receive a fresh revelation of Jesus, especially though the book of Revelation. That revelation will launch the church into a transformation unlike any experienced in a previous age. As we see Him, we become like Him! The coming increase in the revelation of Jesus will be measurable through new dimensions of worship – corporate throne room experiences.

Olympic athletes never get to the games by gifting alone. It’s the powerful combination of a gift brought to it’s full potential through discipline. That is the picture of the Church becoming a mature man. It is singular, meaning we all function together as one. All its members will work in perfect coordination and harmony, complementing each other’s function and gift, according to the directions given by the head. This was not a promise to be fulfilled in eternity. While I don’t believe that this is speaking of human perfection, I do believe there is a maturity of function, without jealousy, that will develop as His presence becomes more manifest. We need to embrace this as possible because He said it is.

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