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How do you teach and equip people to do outreach in Redding?

Evangelism is extrememly important because Jesus commanded us to do it. It’s one of the aspects of the Christian life that we won’t get to do in eternity because it’s assigned as a responsibility for this life. I am required to bear fruit. It’s not an option.

Signs and wonders are a practical means to display the love and power of God. The initial pressure isn’t to get them healed, it is to display the love of God and the love of God must not omit power encounters that bring healing or deliverance.

I try not to make a distinction between the believer and non believer. I don’t want to create an approach that it’s us and them because I don’t want them to become a project. When we don’t take this approach, we’re more likely to serve them by their greatest need and not just trying to get them converted. I’m going after loving people and then the conversion happens as a result.

Most people come to us by word of mouth of someone who got healed, delivered or had their life changed. One on one is the best way to evangelize anyone because it flows out of relationship and that lifestyle is the best style. Classical evangelism on the other hand tends to become very practical because you can turn it on and turn it off.

We teach our people to stay filled with the Holy Spirit and love people. Evangelism becomes the natural outflow of those two things.