“We love to honor leaders”

We love to honor leaders around the world who are bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth but one of the mandates on my life and on our church family is to also honor leaders who spearheaded revivals of the past.

“The House of Generals does just that”

The Lord has made it very clear to us that a practical way we can do this is through what we have called The House of Generals. It is both a library and museum containing a collection of historical literature and artifacts from past revivals and revivalists. I have no desire to move backwards. But God has let us know that if we will honor those who walked faithfully before us then He will give us access to their anointings.

“Celebrate the victories of yesterday”

We are not looking for any one of us to stand out, but we are looking for a generation to walk in the fullness of what God has called us to, and to do that we need to study, to research, to appreciate and to celebrate the victories of yesterday.

“Greatest library of revival materials”

Our collection is growing almost daily and it is our intention for this to be the greatest library of revival materials in the world. We want to make these materials available for people in the future so they can study the great moves of God in history to give us a prophetic picture of what God wants to do in our day.