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Financial breakthrough through declaration

By // Posted on January 14th, 2013
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I am an assistant pastor in Olean NY and been here for 7 years. My wife and myself have been going through a real difficult financial time, and upon bringing our minivan to get inspected, it failed and the repairs were more than the car was worth 🙂 I am bi-vocational and working full time along with the ministry was putting a huge strain on me and my family.

We were about to go away for the weekend to minister at a marriage retreat put on by my home church in Long Island. A couple from my church gave us a copy of their DVD set from the Voice of the Apostles 2008. We only had time to watch one session before we left, and it was the Thursday afternoon session in the sanctuary. It was the session where you spoke about the Easter sermon you preached at Bethel. We prayed the prayer along with you and the people at the end of the session and felt such a relief.

To make a real long story short, when we came back from the weekend some amazing things happened. We had a couple in the church tell us that they want to buy my wife and myself a new car. They said any car you want, just pick it out and let them know! Then we did our taxes. We found out that we are getting $11,000.00 back this year! Our debt is around $10,000.00, so we will be totally debt free in a week. Also the accountant told us that our taxes have been improperly filed for the past three years, and she will amend them and we will receive even more money. Then my Pastor came to me yesterday and told me that starting May 1st I will be full time at the church. They will also be giving me more than what I was making at my secular job. Also the last thing is I have a friend who manages a company who specializes in energy efficiency for homes. We were picked to have our house brought up to energy star standards. This includes a new roof, siding, blown in insulation, new windows, new doors, hot water on demand, new furnace and duct work, and new energy star appliances…at no cost to us!!!

Thank you pastor for your obedience to the Lord and speaking His word. Our situation turned around in literally a week after the prayer we prayed.