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Blizzy (the dog) has her leg healed :)

By // Posted on May 29th, 2013
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From Texas : Our Pyranees dog, Blizzy, was hit by a car back in June of this year (2012) and suffered extreme damage to her hip, pelvis and back legs. We had surgery to patch up everything we could at the time. She healed up from the surgery except for her right back leg – her paw curled and she would drag it because of nerve damage. As a result of damaging it she had pretty much dragged all the hide off if it and it was getting increasingly worse. As a result, my Dad had scheduled for her leg to be amputated for Wednesday November 28th because it was getting infected.
Bill Johnson came to our church the previous Sunday and Monday. We attended Monday night and a word of knowledge was given Monday night about how The Lord wanted to heal children at home who were sick or diseased. Well I consider Blizzy my child and so I began praying for her to be healed as I did not want to see her leg amputated. We got home that night and I saw her and prayed again with my Mom and sisters as she was the same.  The next morning I went outside and her paw was turned right and she was walking on her paw correctly with no visible signs of nerve damage and has been walking that way ever since. Jesus healed my Blizzy and kept her from having her leg amputated. Thank you Jesus!!!